Slay Giants / 2 Corinthians 4 / single leather bracelet


 We all have giants in our lives... fear, addiction, seemingly overwhelming obstacles, the list could go on and on.  Wear this bracelet as a reminder of the conquering power we have through our Almighty God.   I kept this lettering as delicate and dainty as possible as a visual reminder that it is not by our power, or our effort- it is by faith alone.  
The bracelet is engraves with the words...

slay giants            2 Corinthians 4

- This bracelet is brown leather with silver glaze.

- Bracelets are hand cut, painted, and engraved with encouraging truth to comfort and catch your eye as you go through your day.

- The bracelet measures 1/4 inch wide and 6 inches long + 2" stainless steel chain.

- Made from thick, premium quality European leather, ensuring comfort and softness that gets better every time it is worn.

- The antique silver clasp and end caps are nickel, lead, and cadmium free. The high quality finish will look good as new thru lots of wear and tear.

- Custom lettering is available for an additional charge, please contact me for details.

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