About Be Wee


Small Beginnings...

Be Wee began in 2008, a few months after my husband and I were blessed by the birth of our first child. I moved from a career as a fashion designer to becoming a stay at home mom- and quickly realized I still needed a creative outlet, so I began making accessories for babies, girls and women during nap time. With encouragement from friends and family I launched BeWeeShop.com and later an Etsy site (https://www.etsy.com/shop/BeWeeShop), in addition to selling through boutiques.
My favorite items are the engraved leather bracelets. As is often the case, Daily Reminder bracelets began in response to a time when God used a storm to refine our family by fire. Our world turned upside down overnight, and we found so much comfort in having scripture and encouragement taped up on every wall- there was no where to look that did not have a reminder of His presence, love and the peace only complete trust in Him can bring. God graciously walked us through that storm, and as we went back home to the busy of life of a young family I missed those ever present reminders. After a lot of searching and experimenting I began engraving leather bracelets so I could carry those reassuring words with me wherever I went. Each one is hand painted, cut and engraved knowing that there is nothing more reassuring, encouraging and unchanging as God's loving promises. 
I truely hope you enjoy wearing each piece as much as I've enjoyed making it!