Spa Gift Set for Her, Candle and Cosmetic Bag, Self Care Package for women. Christmas, Holidays, Birthday gift for Mom, Friend, Bestie


Our goal is to create lovely, artfully curated gifts that you will be excited to give ...or to treat yourself with!  We aim to go above and beyond in our gift presentation to create a delightful experience for your Husband, Dad, Brother, Friend, or any other special someone you choose to send our gift box to.

▷  ( 1 ) Charcoal Tweed cosmetic bag
▷  ( 1 ) All-natural sea sponge (approx. 3”- 4”)
▷  ( 1 ) Winter woods Room Spray 4oz
▷  ( 1 ) Printed tin travel candle and a glass jar of fancy matches
▷  ( 1 ) Super soft Cozy Socks in Pale Grey, Black & White Check, or Red & Pink Love & Peace
▷  ( 1 ) Handmade Sea Clay detox soap
▷  ( 1 ) Eucalyptus Mint Essential Oil Bath Salts
▷  ( 1 ) All Natural Peppermint Lip Balm
▷  ( 1 ) Printed card and your note handwritten message and/or name

▷  Luxe hand cream

All items are carefully packaged in a sturdy box with great care.
If you are sending this package directly to the recipient, please double-check that the correct DELIVERY address for your recipient is entered at checkout.  If you'd like to send multiple gifts, please order each one separately, so that individual addresses can be entered for each recipient. Please allow 3-5 days for us to carefully and beautifully customize and package your gift box.  Delivery times will vary by location, Etsy will show a delivery timeline at check out so you can estimate the delivery date. Due to Covid, UPS and USPS delivery times are not guaranteed.

PLEASE NOTE: Orders will be shipped to the address entered, so please check it carefully.  If the address is incorrect and the order has shipped, the buyer will be responsible for the additional shipping costs, and that means your package will also take longer to arrive.  We don't want that to happen! If you use Apple pay- do not just double-click through checkout! Please carefully change the address as shown in the photo above. 
Please message us with any questions, it is such an honor to be a little part of your gift-giving!

Handmade item

Materials: decorative matches, custom gift note card, custom card, travel candle, leather, fancy matches, Creamic Christmas tree, Gold pen

Length: 9

Height: 5

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