medium stone bracelet- Gold with Blue Ruby crystal


The 14k plated gold setting is dotted with medium sized Blue Ruby crystals (a semi-opaque magenta stone that reflects shades of violet, turquoise and gold)  Each crystal measures 1/2" and the total bracelet length is adjustable from 7 1/4" to 7 3/4".

La Vie Parisienne jewelry is truly heirloom quality.  Each piece is cast in France from vintage jewelry molds from the 1880's to the 1940's. It is plated in 14k gold or sterling silver, then assembled in Santa Monica, California using Swarovski crystals.  All workmanship on La Vie Parisienne jewelry is guaranteed- if you ever break a clasp or lose a stone, we will send it to the studio in California to be repaired or replaced.  





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